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Virtual Design Service

Now is the time for you to collect photos of spaces that catch your eye. You can find images like these online - on sites like Houzz and Pinterest. These will give me visual clues on how I can apply your inspiration to your home.


Get inspired


Complete questionnaire 

Once you become a Virtual design client, you will receive a questionnaire along with instructions on how to measure your space. This information will help me to begin your custom design.


Measure your space and walls

Along with your completed questionnaire, I will need measurements of your space. I’m talking, each wall, each door, each window. Proper placement of your furniture is extremely important and accurate measurements of your room and walls is imperative for me to be able to complete your design plan. 


Take photos

Just like the measurements you took for me, photos of your spaces are vital too. I rely on a variety of photos from multiple angles, as well as straight on photo elevations of every wall.


Send it in

Take your hard work from steps 1 through 4 and email it to me. Once everything is received, I will start your customized designs.

Let's Work together!

...the process

Virtual Design Service

Virtual Design Service

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