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​I am a wife and mother of three who once upon a time, was an elementary school teacher. Over the past 12 years, while raising my children, I found myself searching for a path that would lead me to express my individuality. I developed a passion for making a house into a home. Taking odds and ends on a super tight budget and transforming a room from an empty hole to a cozy place for a family to spend together, was my “cool trick, cool trick”. My knowledge of all things decor grew with loads of trial and error and eventually stirred up a talent that I never knew I had. Of course, shopping has always been on my top 3 favorite things to do list. However, shopping for things that helped to create a warm and inviting place for families to gather and look forward to being in, the thought of that brought such joy into my heart. I decided I needed to do this for others and offer the same serenity that I have in my home. Whether it's staging a home for a showing, giving a facelift to an older//outdated home or decorating for the holidays, I am here to help do it all! I am so excited about this new adventure and I thank you all for supporting me.

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