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Most people have so many struggles with decorating their homes. I offer a simple solution to help you navigate through the design, shop and staging process. I can help deliver the most up to date trends or keep you simple and traditional.  


I offer a free 1 hr in home or phone consultation. After the hour the fee is $85 an hour.

You can fill out the form requesting a consultation and once received, I will contact you directly. During the in home consultation, I will visit your home and discuss the ideas that you may have for your end result. I am also able to help you develop a vision if you need direction towards one. Once we have reached the overall idea of what you would like to accomplish, I will prepare a service quote within 24 hrs of the consultation explaining the fees for the project in mind.


Once the contract has been signed, we will arrange a second visit for deposit. During this visit, I will take measurements and notes for the intended design. Depending on the extent of the project, I provide a vision board which displays furnishings, color palette and much more along with a 2D/3D design layout presentation that will bring the design to life. These presentations will deliver a beautiful visual of the space.


Once the design is approved and a budget has been set, I am able to begin suggesting various pieces of furniture, accents, window treatments, paint colors, woodwork design and organizational tools for us to properly turn the space into a magnificent area in your home.

Then, we shop!


Great Contractors are hard to find, but I am able to recommend a few I enjoy working with. Vendors are also something I value. I enjoy a great product at a great bargain while delivering a tasteful and durable look. I can connect, schedule and manage these throughout the project to ensure a timely progression and completion of the project.

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